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Print to Order Cancellation Policy

New order or orders not in production

You may cancel an order if it has not yet entered our manufacturing process and is still in one of the following statuses. These can be cancelled 24 hours a day through your online account at Stuff4.co.uk.

• Waiting on Stock
• Processing
• Validation Required
• Validating
• Validated
• Awaiting Artwork
• New Order

Any refunds will be processed within 1 to 2 business days. Please note that orders can be picked up for manufacturing at any point from 5am so please do not wait to cancel your order as you may miss the opportunity to do so.

Cancellation of products in production

Due to the nature of print on demand products, we are unable to cancel and refund orders once they enter the production process and reach a status of Manufacturing, Packaged and Awaiting Dispatch or Dispatched. At this point your product is already being manufactured and printing cost will have been incurred. However, if you wish to stop such an order from being dispatched you may do so providing it has not yet reached a status of Packaged, Awaiting Dispatch or Dispatched. At this stage, the order is out of our reach. Orders that are stopped can either have their shipping element refunded or they can be redirected and sent to you for resale. Please contact customercare@stuff4.co.uk to have item shipped to you and confirm shipping address.